Scrotal Abscess Mimicking as Infarcted Testicular Abscess in a Patient with Maldescended Testis

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Darren Goh


Scrotal abscess is a common scrotal condition which rarely affects the testis and definitive treatment is by surgical drainage. Testicular involvement by a scrotal abscess can usually be diagnosed with ultrasound and it will usually require an orchidectomy. We present a first reported case of a scrotal abscess, mimicking an infarcted testicular abscess on ultrasound in a patient with maldescended testis. This unusual case highlights the importance of an    accurate history and physical examination as imaging may not be reliable in a case of maldescended testis.

Scrotal abscess, testicular abscess, maldescended testis

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Goh, D. (2020). Scrotal Abscess Mimicking as Infarcted Testicular Abscess in a Patient with Maldescended Testis. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Urology, 3(1), 23-26. Retrieved from
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