Clear Cell RCC with Lytic Bony Lesions: Metastasis or Multiple Myeloma, A Diagnostic Dilemna

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Anuj Mahajan
Prashanth Adiga
Janine Miranda


Introduction: The existence of two malignancies together is very rare. Multiple myeloma and RCC occurring together is highly uncommon. Possible reason for co-existence may be similar cytokine growth requirements however no etiology has been proven for sure.

Case Presentation: We present a case with a renal lesion and bony lytic lesions suspected of being secondary osseous metastasis. However on further evaluation the bony lesions were found to be due to co-existent multiple myeloma.

Conclusion: The occurrence of RCC and MM together is higher than the expected incidence. The causative etiology may be genetic abnormalities, environmental exposures or immune-related mechanisms that predispose the patient to the second malignancy. These findings are particularly relevant in the management of patients with known RCC and lytic bone lesions.

Lytic bone lesions in RCC, coexistant malignancies, multiple myeloma.

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Mahajan, A., Adiga, P., & Miranda, J. (2020). Clear Cell RCC with Lytic Bony Lesions: Metastasis or Multiple Myeloma, A Diagnostic Dilemna. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Urology, 3(4), 23-27. Retrieved from
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