Bladder Pain Syndrome: A Review of Literature for Consrvative and Medical Management

Mohammed Ali Mohammed Elnaggar *

Burjeel Hospital, United Arab Emirates.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Nearly every other problem or disorder in this world comes with its set of consequences. People are bound to feel uncomfortable, frustrated, or debilitated due to these adverse effects or reactions that occur as a result of their problems or medical conditions. Talking in particular about the urological and nephrological diseases here, these diseases and conditions are seen to be associated with such symptoms and intensity of pain that people find themselves helpless more than often. These conditions are almost always linked to the changes in the genitourinary system. Since this system involves the confidentiality and modesty of a person, it is commonly seen that people are not that comfortable telling about their issues to others, or even doctors. This leads to an excessive delay in the diagnosis of the condition. In the long run, this leads to an unwanted rise in complications and adverse events related to the patient’s condition. In this review, such a condition is being discussed - namely, the Bladder Pain Syndrome.  This condition is also called interstitial cystitis, and is a chronic condition that many people have to deal with at some point or the other in their lives. In Bladder Pain Syndrome, the patient feels different levels of pain and pressure in their urinary bladder. Since it is a chronic condition, the symptoms of Bladder Pain Syndrome are seen to come and go with time. Apart from the conventional modes of treatment options that might be present for this condition, there are several other causes too that make the management of this condition easy and manageable for the people suffering from it. This review, in particular, will deal with the non-medical or lifestyle modifications that are associated with the resolution of symptoms of this condition. Although this article does not in any way promote the use of non-medical modalities as the final treatment resort, it merely serves to highlight and make the people and medical personnel aware of what other helpful and supportive measures could be taken to help the patient deal with this condition smoothly and effectively in no time.

Keywords: Bladder pain syndrome, interstitial cystitis, genitourinary problems, urinary frequency, lifestyle modifications

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