Mini Review-Bladder Cancer (Urological Disorder)

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Pradnya Nilesh Jagtap
Sayali S. Chavan
Nayana Bhikaji Mirke
Pranesh Pandurang Memane


Bladder cancer is most common urological disorder. It occurs in any age group. It is common in male rather than female. Bladder cancer have some causal factors. This review focus on bladder cancer causal factor, symptom, Diagnostic test and treatment.

Bladder cancer, urological disorder, diagnostic test.

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Jagtap, P. N., Chavan, S. S., Mirke, N. B., & Memane, P. P. (2020). Mini Review-Bladder Cancer (Urological Disorder). Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Urology, 3(3), 24-28. Retrieved from
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