Article ID- 2021/AJRRU/68997: Zinner Syndrome with Chronic Refractory Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: A Case Report
Anil Kumar Sah1*, Bipin Maharjan1 and Mahesh Bahadur Adhikari1
1Department of Urology, Nepal Mediciti Hospital, Nepal.


Article ID- 2021/AJRRU/67187 : Incidence Rate of Urosepsis Complication in Patient with Post DJ Stent Placement at Dr. Moewardi General Hospital Surakarta from January to March 2017: A Retrospective Study

 Ihya U. Rahawarin1* and Wibisono2

 1Department of Surgery, Medical Faculty of Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia.

2Department of Urology, Dr. Moewardi General Hospital, Indonesia.


Article ID- 2021/AJRRU/68123 : Cutaneous Nodules and Isolated Inguinal Lymphadenopathy in a Patient with Advanced Cancer of the Prostate

 Soumish Sengupta1*, Supriya Basu1, Ranjan Kr. Dey1, Abhishek Sati1, Anand Biyani1 and Kadambari Ghosh2

 1Department of Urology, RG Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, India.

2Department of Radiodiagnosis, North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, Sushrutanagar, India.


 Article ID- 2021/AJRRU/68121 :  Significant Bilateral Calcification Over A Neglected Ureteral Stent: About a Case Managed Endoscopically

 Nedjim A. Saleh1*, Ghannam Youssef1, Abdi El Mostpha1, Nachid Abdellah1, Ait Mahanna Hamza1, Moataz Amine1, Dakir Mohamed1, Debbagh Adiland Aboutaieb Rachid1

 1Urology Department, CHU Ibn Rochd and Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Casablanca, Morocco.


Article ID- 2021/AJRRU/66072 :  Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Patients : A Comparison between Silodosin and Tadalafil
Anuj Mahajan1*, Manjunath Shetty1, Mapranathukaran Devassy Robin2 and M.K. Vijalaxmi2
1Department of urology , Father muller medical college and hospital , Mangalore , Karnataka, India.
2Department of Pharmacology, Father Muller Medical College and hospital , mangalore, Karnataka, India.